• Natural touch, unmatched atmosphere, unforgettable experience
    The first ever cave carved hotel in the World
  • The most delightful and comfortable part of holiday
    Indulge Yourself
  • Comfortable and wide inner places that are in harmony with the nature of Cappadocia.
    Spacious Lodging
  • Located to view Uçhisar Castle and the Fairy Chimneys
    Panoramic Cappadocia View

Uchisar Kaya Hotel

Uçhisar Kaya Hotel, which brings a brand new breath to the Cappadocia region and is the world's first rock-carved cave hotel, was born from the rocks of Güvercinlik Valley as a result of 4 years of detailed work. What makes Uçhisar Kaya Hotel special is its structure, which is carved with fine workmanship and hand labor in every detail. During the works, care was taken to preserve the natural and historical texture.